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Repository of Hector Rashbaum's band and original fiction.
The fic community of hector_rashbaum, where you can find completed work, work in progress, and maybe the occasional teaser snippet.

This community contains mostly band fiction, with the very rare piece of original work. If the idea of fiction about real people - rather, fiction about characters based on some aspects of the public personas of real people - bothers you, then maybe don't read them.

In addition, the majority of my work is slash (m/m relationships), so if the idea of two men doin' it bothers you, don't read that. Stories are clearly marked concerning the nature of relationships they deal with.

When the mood strikes, I write porny fic. Stories marked as containing adult content are not meant for those under the legal age to view "adult content" wherever they are accessing this fic from. I like using the honor system where age is concerned - don't make me go all age nazi on the place.

Feedback is encouraged. Constructive criticism is always good. Flaming will get you warned, banned, and mocked behind your back.